luni, 1 noiembrie 2010

This is halloween

Jeffrey Eugenides' book "The virgin suicides" was an old favorite of mine, thought I kind of ignored Sophia Coppolla's movie. This is supposed to be Cecile Lisbon, the girl who killed herself as a response to a highly religious education. Wearing an old wedding dress and clutching a picture of the virgin Mary, she refused to marry and conform to society's hypocritical demands on women.

I'm wearing a cotton slip paired with chunky boots to really get that grungy dead-virgin wibe. The red lipstick is kind of a play on vampirism, and the old demonic images of dead, unmarried women.

Iri went with a Great Gatsby-type flapper costume, more or less channeling the Black Dahlia, a 1920s actress whose schtick was always wearing all-black.
Black Dahlia was killed -more like butchered- in a fashion pointing towards a crime of passion, and her body left on display in a park by a killer never apprehended.